My journey with Imaan starts like this…


August 2016, is the month where I brought in IMAAN wipes to Singapore.

Yes ! it’s been a year  and to many more years to come. The decision wasn’t an easy one . I got few skeptical voices around me , but there are also voices of encouragement and I strongly  believe I could expand my online business, progressively.


The keyword is BELIEVE . Personally  , I BELIEVE that IMAAN is the product that I want to introduce to my customers and followers .


It was impromptu! The Founder asked me to do a bit of sharing in front of everyone. I wasn’t prepared at all, but I supposed I did alright!


Why IMAAN wipes ?


Simply  , because Imaan wipes exhibits the convenience and benefits . I am thankful that I chose to create a new value  and persisted in doing so. IMAAN sales started very slow here , but pick up like wild fire as days & months  go by.



25 MARCH 2017- The Founder, Pn Wawa never fall short of providing trainings for her Angels. I was indeed surprised to received a bouquet of flowers from her & definitely worth of on my 41/2 hrs drive from S’pore-KL, to acquire a knowledge from the team.


How do I do it  ?

The effort & time put into the work process , outside the comfort zone is a responsibility. The need of commitment, determination and the focused actions , back it up with continuous motivation,  nothing is lost. In fact,  driving up to KL to acquire  knowledge was a challenge, but if there’s a will , there’s a way. I gained so much knowledge from attending the classes conducted by the founder herself, Puan Wawa. Wisdom in leadership is more than just being wise, it also to give inspiration to others.

I’m Sold ! I then carefully “curated” my marketing strategies for Singapore market.

14 JAN 2017- I got upgraded to a Stockist Diamond (SD) for Imaan’s Singapore Team


These are few things to take note:

1. Target customers / consumers

I  studied the traits of these customers until I am equipped with their needs and wants , gradually the potentials  buyers follow suit.


2. Price sensitvity or price war game

-It’s hard to avoid sometimes , but good Teamwork discuss ideas. IMAAN pricing is economical and affordable.

I also started to build up my own Golden Angels Team here. It’s not easy as it sounds , but someone has to lead and make progress.

18 FEB 2017- The first time meet the Golden Angels Team at my humble place. We started with these few Angels & now Family of Imaan has expanded in Singapore

3. Customer’s feedback & testimonies

After sales , feedback and testimonies from customers are very important tools too. IMAAN never lack of these. I use these to  improve my business and leverage the overall customers experience & satisfaction.
11 March 2017- Another big booth at a Fashion event. The display itself shows that, we’re all out to promote Imaan’s products.


There are many other additional insights that I  discover along the way. The fact is also, How to choose your part time business ?

Whether you are a full pledge online sellers or part time business owner, strategically , it is important to select your products .

  • categorize your selections and shortlist your interest.
  • product costs
  • branding and design
  • marketing
1 OCT 2016- My first try on having a booth selling the only one product of Imaan at that time, Imaan Suci Wipes
This is not like casually picking fruits during the harvest time . The products we choose to sell are the ultimate foundation for our  income.
Don’t over think ! Make up your mind .
Take the first step  & see the bigger purpose .
Thank you.
Noraini Bajuri (+6596222241)
Stokist Diamond